Custom Ducati Diavel Diesel

Pics by Gareth Davidson

We recently got up close and personal with one of only four Ducati Diavel Diesel models in the country. Gerick Mouton, who is the proud owner of one of these rare machines, got in touch with us after we saw it on one of our Bike Nights and the idea of a feature was born.

666 bikes produced and Diavel in the same sentence could sound blasphemous but, before you judge, here’s Ducati’s super-short, self-explanatory equation of how the limited number came about; Ducati Diavel Diesel – three words, each with six letters, make sense now?



The Ducati Diavel Diesel is the result of collaboration between Andrea Rosso, the Creative Director of Diesel Licenses, and the Ducati Design Centre. The inspiration for their work is an imaginary post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world with a hyperkinetic vitality. The bike features hand-brushed steel superstructures with visible welds and rivets, very retro and Mad Max inspired making it absolutely unique and timeless.



You’re not going to buy a bike like this to be a conservative rider, so we asked Gerick a few questions to get a better idea of why he bought this model.



What attracted you to the Diesel model specifically? I owned one of the first Ducati Diavel Carbon Red models in South Africa and I fell in love with the brutal look and overall ability of the bike. So when Ducati launched the limited edition, one-of-a-kind Diesel model, I just had to move quickly for the opportunity to own one of only four that were to arrive in SA out of a total of 666 units globally.



What modifications and customising have been done? The Diesel edition is custom as standard from the factory but, as I do with anything that I own, I had to add my own flare to this bike too. With the final look/idea sitting in the back of my mind, I wanted to make the bike more vintage and Mad Max-like, so I blacked out almost everything possible and added extra carbon fibre bits to help. What is the point of making the bike look so good if no one can hear it coming? So I fitted a Werkes slip-on exhaust, heat-wrapped the pipes from the heads to the slip-on and blacked-out all of the silver bits on the pipe. The end result is a genuine work-of-art. To improve the aggressive look, I smoked the front and back tail lights, mounted a side registration plate holder so that the massive 240 Pirelli Diablo rear tyre could be fully exposed, fitted a carbon rear diffuser, carbon front mudguard, carbon air intakes and finally added three dimensional red Pirelli tyre stickers to complement the Brembo brake callipers. My design was brought to life by the masters at RACE! SA.



Is this a bike that you plan on hanging on to or will you move to a newer Diesel model should one be released again? I don’t think there will be another Diavel Diesel edition again seeing that this was so limited, so I will hang on to this one as I see it as a true collector’s item!



Gerick’s and RACE! SA’s efforts have resulted in a real one-of-a-kind bike. This kind of bike may not be everyone’s taste, but one thing you cannot deny is the world class level of craftsmanship and fine attention to detail that has been carried out. This is not your ‘average’ Ducati Diavel Diesel.



Author: gareth

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