So what is the Niken? Well, from the steering head back, it’s essentially an MT-09. This Star Wars like looking ride has the same three-cylinder engine (though Yamaha has updated the crank and fuelling) that instigates such frequent wheelies in the MT, but the frame is welded up from tubular steel instead of cast from aluminium like on the naked bike. There are a pair of 15-inch wheels up front, supported by two pairs of inverted forks that hinge at their crowns to allow the Niken to bank through corners just like a two wheeler. It’s a looker and if stares are what you are after; this bike pulls more stares than riding with Trump on the back of your bike. It’s only down side, compared to a maxi scooter, is the normal clutch and gearbox system to propel it forward.



Author: gareth

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